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9 thoughts on “ Untitled - 10shun* - Lathe Cut Series # 5 (Lathe Cut)

  1. It depends what they're being cut on. An acetate (dubplate) cut on a professional Scully or Neumann lathe with a stereo feedback cutterhead will sound better than a pressed record, at least for the first couple of dozen times it's played. Something cut onto a picnic plate with an old home record cutter with a resharpened gramophone needle is going to sound like poop on a stick from the get-go.
  2. Aug 07,  · On any particular lathe the workable depth of cut as was said is dependent on material, workholding, tool, feedrate, spindle RPM, available power, etc. Lots of variables. On my 10 HP 17" Voest which is a moderately robust lathe intended for light production and tool room work I can take about 1/4" per pass at feed in mild steel.
  3. A lathe cut record is an instant vinyl record. Lathe cutting is the fastest way to make a retail ready record. A one off vinyl can be made in minutes where one off custom vinyl pressing can take weeks. Days of lead time are saved because the plating and pressing processes are skipped.
  4. Short run custom records for bands, artists, labels, etc. These records are HIGH QUALITY stereo lathe cuts; they sound comparable to pressed records.
  5. May 28,  · Second problem, at least on my Atlas 10 inch lathe, is that the cut off tool holder holds the tool way off to one side. That way, the whole works springs a lot and that is death to cutting off, as far as I know. All ways have to be still, carriage locked, use a LOT of oil, keep the tool cutting.
  6. cut-off tool holder with 3/16" x 2" blade* 3/8" diameter DE boring bar, 1/2" square shank holder, 1/8" square high speed tool bit* One knurling tool holder with fitted wheels* One 4" machinist scriber* One 4" spring divider* One 4" spring inside caliper* One each 1/2" straight and bent tail lathe.
  7. JET ZX-Series Large Spindle Bore Lathe with Acu-Rite DRO, Taper Attachment and Collet Closer — 22in. x 80in., Model# GHZX/ (Not Yet Rated) Only $ 34,

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